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Overcoming the Challenges of 2013

Overcoming the Challenges of 2013 

How a CRM Solution WILL generate more revenue and keep your business competitive. 

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Challenge #1 - Taxes
 First of all, if you are unfamiliar with the Section 179 deduction, I encourage you to get educated! An excellent resource is the website The most important qualification to note is: Basically, the Software Can't be Custom Code.

This means, an off-the-shelf CRM Tool (Salesforce, Microsoft CRM, Zoho, etc) will qualify for this tax-deduction! And, it's highly probable that retaining Brown Dog CRM Consulting to customize and implement this software can also qualify for Section 179.  If your CPA determines that our fees do not qualify, it's not a big deal... the work we do for you will help you generate more revenue, which will more than pay for those fees. Our customers regularly enjoy a 150-300% increase in revenue after implementing the Brown Dog CRM Strategy.

Challenge #2 - Healthcare
 This challenge only affects business who employ 50 people or more. If this affects you, you need to have a solid sales engine in place to ensure that you can afford the costs you will incur starting 2014. A CRM Tool is JUST that engine!

Yes, this mandate will be a significant adjustment to your business's bottomline and your personal profitability, but it doesn't have to devastate or destroy your business. Increased revenue is the only way for your business to address this challenge. Implement a CRM Tool today so you can afford to fulfill your obligation when the time comes.

Challenge #3 - Lending 
Getting a loan for your small business has been tough since the recession began. Even with excellent credit and plenty of collateral, banks do not have the resources to extend loans in this economy. That may be changing with a bill being introduced to the new Congress.

 One critical element to 'selling' your banker on the fact that you have the revenue necessary to pay back a loan is to provide legitimate reports from an independent system showing your Pipeline, Sales Cycle and Win Ratio. A CRM Tool provides you this and we can help you deliver a canned report that will surely impress your banker! 

Challenge #4 - Onshoring
Onshoring may not directly affect most small, local small businesses. But the cost of goods may be impacted by companies that are either off or onshoring. The expected trend is to see more manufacturing moved back to the US.

 If you are a business that sells manufactured products, a CRM Tool can help you manage those products as well as the manufacturing cycle. The Inventory Engine in most CRM Tools can alert you when products need to be reordered and, in most systems, can be integrated with your website to reflect accuracy when your customers place an order.

Challenge #5 - Skilled Worker Shortage
At the pay level most small businesses can offer, finding skilled workers will continue to be a problem. As you consider how to overcome this, look to technology to help. Seek technology to automate business processes to simplify the requirements of your open positions. Most CRM Tools can automate Lead Nurturing, the Sales & Retention Cycle, Accounting, Inventory Management, Customer Service (whether internal or external) and many other areas of your business.

Additionally, teaching your employees to use a CRM Tool is much easier than teaching them to perform specialized tasks.

By automating and streamlining the majority of your business processes, you free up your staff to perform critical activities - usually, these are revenue-generating. When you have time to perform more revenue-generating tasks... you generate more revenue. It's simply not accurate that CRM Tools are designed solely to manage your sales function. While, yes, all CRM Tools include a salesforce automation element, they also include modules to automate all facets of your business.

Brown Dog CRM Consulting always offers a FREE Reality Check. This is a 90 minute meeting with you and your key staff to determine whether or not a CRM Tool will make a difference in your business. Call me today to schedule!

 Here's to a happy and prosperous 2013!

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