Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What is the Value of CRM for Small Businesses?

CRM Tools have been a hot commodity for about a decade. Originally, only the largest corporations could afford to have such a luxury. But through desire comes innovation and visionaries like those who founded Salesforce and Zoho rose to the occasion.

Today, a CRM system can be as manual or automated as a business expects... the decision usually lies in the cost to automate. While one can purchase a database for as little as a few hundred dollars, the tool is manual upon implementation. To customize, a specialist must be retained - and all too often, the business keeps the manual tool because they are fearful that their investment will not pay off.

Here's how it will.

2010 - A start-up business installs Salesforce Group Edition, a CRM Expert is brought in to "train" them on usage. Because the Group Edition does not provide for automation, all processes are defined and handled manually. The company grew from a few thousand a month in sales to a consistent $5,000/month.

2011 - This second year business desired automation so their business would grow more quickly. ZohoCRM Enterprise Editions is installed and a CRM Expert is retained to customize and automate many processes. The company grew from $5,000/month in sales to $30,000/month between May and November!

Run the numbers... This business grew 3X . The cost of their system implementation was a mere $8,000 with all licenses, customization, automation, training and support provided by Brown Dog CRM Consulting. Their investment was paid back within the first 6 months!

Brown Dog CRM Consulting automates the Lead Generation, Sales and Client Retention Processes of your business. We can also automate billing, client support, project management and inventory management.

So, yes, having a CRM tool is half the battle and it will help you grow. But, the real value of a CRM tool is in the "future" revenues that will be generated as a result of customizing the tool to fit your business needs and automating processes so that opportunities do not fall through the cracks.

I'd like to help your business grow - call me at 615-429-6184 to schedule a Complimentary 90 minute Consultation.

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