Sunday, April 12, 2009

Creating a Community

How do some businesses make it look so easy? You know what I mean… that sense of community that keeps customers coming back, over and over and over. It’s not hard, you just have to build it and they will come.

But, how do you create a sense of community when your company sells plastic molding to distributors? Or, when you sell website development services to other businesses? Or, when your business sells clothing to women, men or children?

It’s easier than you think… but it requires stepping outside the box. You have to get out of your business and look into it from the customer’s perspective. Think of it as a “team” from your past – whether the high school or college football team, cheerleading squad or marching band. Consider carefully the following questions and you’ll figure it out.

1. Consider the team mascot… Do we have a brand that our customers identify with?

2. Consider why people came out to watch… What draws our customers back?

3. Consider how the spectators connected to the team… How can we connect our customers to each other, not just our business?

4. Consider how the team gives back… What place does our business hold in the community (local or nationally)?

5. There is no “I” in team… How can you demonstrate cohesiveness?

6. High-fives… What can you do to communicate to your employees that you value them?

7. Hats off to our fans… How do you show those customers who support your business that you value them?

The answers may vary some from business to business – and will change based on whether or not your end customer is another businesses or consumers at large. But, the process is exactly the same. If you need help developing your community, please call on me! If you've already developed a community... please tell us about it!

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